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por sopa-de-letras, em 13.06.17



Tonight the house was consumed by darkness, except for the faint night light emanating from the farthest window.
Is 8 o'clock too early to be in bed? I suppose not, if you have to be up early, like 5 or 6. Besides, people are allowed to change their habits once in a while without arousing the suspicion of their neighbours, right?
So why do I feel so uneasy? Could it be the shadow on the wall I can see through the farthest window?
It looks like the shadow of a person hunched over something. Like a parent watching over their child as they sleep soundly in their beds. Like a guardian angel watching over an innocent as they dream. Like a witch watching over a cauldron as their latest brew bubbles happily. Like a hunter watching over his prey as it writhes on the floor. Like a child looking over an ant with a magnifying glass.
Shit! It moved!

Ana Rice-Wallace




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