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por sopa-de-letras, em 14.06.17



What was that? Was that the latch on the front door? NO! I gotta run. I can't let it reach me. Where can I hide? My room? Yes! No! Too far. Cupboard! Quick! Close the door. Silence. Dark. I sit, hugging my legs to my chest. My forehead resting on my knees. All I can hear is my breath. I cover my mouth with my hand. I didn't realise I could breathe so loudly. I straighten up in realisation. Shit!
Shit! You know how they you will always feel better after you've slept on it? Yeah, no. What time is- midnight? Is that it? I feel like that lasted hours. Damn nightmare. Damn neighbours. Probably some prank. Everyone "spies" on their neighbours though, could have just said something.
My mouth is dry. Where's the damn light switch? WHAT? I felt something! Something touched me!

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