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por sopa-de-letras, em 15.06.17

I am alone. There's nothing in the room. I really am thirsty.
I get up and walk to the bedroom door and, with my hands, I feel the wall outside the bedroom. Where is the damn light switch? I look one way and the other into the hallway. In the darkness my eyes see weird forms. I flip the switch and move on to the living-room and kitchen, switching the lights on as I go. Nothing. It's all in my head. All I hear, as I grab a glass from the cupboard, is the sound of cars in the distance. I turn on the tap and water trickles into the glass. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I turn but the room is, once again, empty. I take the glass of water, switch off the kitchen light and wander back into the living-room as I drink. I decide to look out the window at the neighbour's house again. The lights are still off. Maybe it is all in my head. Something moves in my peripheral vision. What the...? I look down, and at the end of the back garden is a dark figure. Damn fly! Buzz off. Hey, where did it- Shit! It's right underneath my window. I can see it looking up at me

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